Buhay means life – a life in fullness. A gift from god. Those of us who are privileged to own a lot also have the responsibility to give. While most of us have a safe home and everything we need in abundance, the people in the Philippines suffer badly from hunger and hopelessness. We have the opportunity to help these people by showing them how precious life is and how much they deserve fullness and appreciation. It is time for us to act and we will surely see a miracle emerging from nothing.

The Philippines are an Asian country in the Western Pacific Ocean, located approximately between Malaysia and China, and consist of over 7100 islands. With a population of about 104 million people, the Philippines are the 12th biggest country in the world. With 60% of the Philippine people earning less than two dollars a day there is a growing gap between rich and poor. A German welfare recipient living in a one-room apartment in Berlin would be considered a rich person in the Philippines.

On the 9th January 2018 we will be flying from Frankfurt to Manila. From there we will be travelling to Rosario, Pasig. During Joana‘s first stay in the Philippines in 2008, she got to know the female teacher April, the priest Ariel, and another man called Jacob. All of them will await us there and take us to a small rented apartment, which will be our home for the next to months. Here we can orientate ourselves and extend our stay or move to a different place.

We want to share all the riches and blessings from our own lives with the Philippine people. We want to get in touch with them through English courses and other educational opportunities, through shared meals, sports and all kinds of free-time activities. We want to live amidst the Philippinos and, above all, pass on God‘s love to them.

Who we are

Joana Karlguth, 26

I studied Englisch and history for the teaching profession and I love working with my students. It is my deep desire to encounter the Philippinos together with you and I have already been extremely moved and encouraged by all your positive responses and support. A rich breakfast together with my friends, seeded rolls, fruit and freshly ground coffee – that is probably something I will miss a lot! My milk frother will definitely accompany me to the Philiippines!

Moritz Kruschinski, 19

I have just passed my Abitur (A-levels) and I‘m so much looking forward to starting an adventure with God. Let us see where the journey will take us. From the time I was a little boy I have been into everything related to sports and now I simply want to give the kids in the Philippines the opportunity to enjoy sports as well. I will definitely miss my bed most!

Laura Pier, 26

I am a graphic designer and I have been close friends with Joana for the past 15 years. When we had coffee in my living room and Joana told me about her vision, I got goose bumps and I knew right away that this was the right thing to do. We immediately wrote down some initial ideas. It is not clear if I will also fly to the Philippines, but if I do, I will surely miss a crunchy roll with meat sausage!

Monika Meiners, 25

For the last three years I have been studying politics and German for the teaching profession. One year ago Joana‘s and my paths crossed. Her enthusiasm for our project fascinated me right away and it was an honour for me to donate the first 10 Euros. So, let‘s go! I will try to support the team from Germany the best I can while staying calm and drinking tea – the way we East Frisians do it.

How you can support us

Buhay is a project full of enthusiasm. We dream big and have great visions. And we know that our work is desperately needed in the Philippines. However, our project won‘t be possible without support – without people who help us, without donations, without prayers. Any kind of help is much appreciated and we are so grateful for all those who have offered their help so far.


Buhay means life. Life in fullness. Life means body, mind and soul. We believe that it is incredibly important to live consciously – at all levels. You can only give when you are filled yourself. But you have to find out first what positively fills you? What gives you strength? How can you refuel? How […]

Fire in Rosario

  Salamat Po! Thank you so much – thank you that you enabled us to give back a piece of life and existence to about 800 people.  On February 20 in 2018 the ghetto in our immediate neighborhood burnt.  How the fire started is still unknown. But what we know is, that the fire got […]

A memorable year

Exactly one year ago today (19.04.2017) God spoke to me with the following words: Go into the slums of the Philippines and ask them: What do you need? The question might seem a little banal or commonplace for a vision but from the first moment on I knew that it was meant seriously. Joana: So […]